Travis Marker

Mr. Marker has many years of experience in the law.  As a mediator he works to find legal solutions and help parents, couples, business partners, work for solutions to their legal and relationship issues.


The legal system is adversarial, but the resolutions don't need to be.  If you want to find effective solutions to your disputes and legal needs, call Mr. Marker to set up a free consulation.



Marker Law & Mediation provides clients assistance in a variety of areas of law.  Mr. Marker will spend the time to understand a clients needs.  Often times the issues that a client believes to be the core issue may not be.  Mr. Marker works with the client to throughly understand the issues.


If you are wondering what assistance you might need or if you have a specific situation in mind, call Mr. Marker today!

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Areas of Practice

Litigation​, Arbitration, Mediation


Adoption, Kinship, Guardianship


Personal Injury


Family law, ​Marriage mediation


Father's Rights, Parental Rights,

Grandparent rights,


Criminal, DUI


Business Law & Consulting

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