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Utah Adoption Attorney

The completion of a family is one of the most prized desires of many parents and children.  The courts provide a few different roads towards an adoption.  For all these roads Travis Marker can provide you direct assistance.

There are a few popular paths.  The first consists of two parents using an adoption agency.  When the proceedings go to court, an attorney will be needed.  These proceeding process usually without much ceremony, and the final outcome is exceptionally rewarding!

Second, in a family with a stepfather or stepmother, there is the option for the stepparent to adopt a child of the marriage.  If the two natural parents consent to the adoption, the process can be quite easy.  If the non-custody natural parent is not paying child support, has not visited with the child for a period of six months or greater, or has committed other acts of unfitness, the natural parent may be subject to having his or her parental rights terminated if he or she is not willing to consent to the adoption.  This may seem harsh, and it is, but the court's desire is that the best interest of the child be protected.  Mr. Marker can help grandparents and those seeking to adopt minor children act in the best interest of the children including terminating the parents' rights so the children can be raised in a safe and protective home.

A third originates from the juvenile court.  If parents are not able to complete services or if services were not offered to the parents, the parents will have a hearing terminating their parental rights.  If their rights are terminated, the children will be adopted by family/kinship or foster parents.  


Mr. Marker worked regularly in the Weber, Box Elder, and Washington County juvenile courts to fight for families.  There are differing scenarios that may arise from legal custody, permanent custody, or non-family custody scenarios.  For all these situations you would benefit from having Mr. Marker represent you.



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