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Consumer Advocacy


Have you ever purchased something online and then started receiving more calls to buy more things online?  The strategy and savvy techniques of these sales calls are persuasive.  You may have even purchased thousands of dollars in coaching, websites, affiliate marketing, Amazon pages, tax classes, and other opportunities to create money.

Depending on the companies that are calling you, you may have been been scammed.  Some sales floors are connected to reputable fulfillment companies.  Many don't care what you think you bought because they will just take your money.

Marker Law Mediation protects its clients and helps to mange their transactions.  We will review your legal paperwork to ensure you are protected and both parties are held accountable to perform.

Many of our clients want to start businesses and like the ideas promoted by these sales companies.  We believe in starting businesses and enjoy helping our clients start solid companies from sure foundations of knowledge and sound advocacy.

If you like the idea of starting an Amazon store, getting into affiliate marketing, or starting some other opportunity, there are absolutely fulfillment companies that will do a good job and can help you make the money you desire.  We work with clients to lead them to quality companies that will help them build their business and coaches that have experience in making people successful.

Don't buy on impulse or fall to high pressure sales.  Allow us to review the contract and review your goals prior to making large online purchases from someone you know nothing about.

Let us help you succeed.  Contact us for a free consultation.

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