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Business Meeting

In-House Counsel


As a business owner have you ever thought, "It'd be nice if I could talk with an attorney about this?"  Your next thought was probably, "They're so expensive."  You then made a decision that your partner or spouse or someone who looked at your decision later said, "Why didn't you talk with a lawyer about that?"


Mr. Marker is that lawyer.  He provides that service.  He works with many businesses that can't afford to hire an attorney full time but want advice or help with business issues and concerns.


Travis Marker works with business owners with contracts, debt collection, litigation, mediation, resolving customer disputes, helping with employee issues, development of business strategies, and many other services.  Mr. Marker enjoys working with businesses to help eliminate liability and create success.  

Mr. Marker has been asked to consult with businesses or individual looking to start a business.  He might take the whole day, or a few hours, review their plan, consider strategies, evaluate litigation issues, and analysis whatever aspect of the business the parties want to work over.  It's exciting and fun to be a part of progress and the improvement of business ventures.

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