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Ogden Family Law Attorney


Marriage is a powerful topic: personal, intimate, political, and spiritual.  The status of marriage is continually evolving as the family changes.  The nuclear family consisting of one man, one woman, and children truly is disappearing.  

The role of stepparents and children, gay and lesbian partners, single fathers and mothers, polygamist families, and children being raised by kin and even non-family members is increasing.  It is truly wonderful that there are so many in the human family willing to step into the position of parents to care for children.  

Regardless of what role you may play in the family dynamic there is a law that probably effects you.


Grandparents can apply for visitation, custody, or can seek to adopt their grandchild.  A person, who has raised a child that is not their kin, may seek for custody or adoption.  Parents fight for custody, visitation, and child support.  Husbands, wives, gay and lesbian partners, now through marriage, may divide property, seek alimony, and work to enforce the rights and privileges of marriage.
Private Guardian ad Litem

If you are currently in a divorce or paternity case which is in high conflict regarding custody or parent time or both, you can ask the court for the appointment of a private guardian ad litem.  


Mr. Marker serves as a private guardian ad litem when appointed by the court or specifically requested by the parties.  He has protected many children from the chaos of adult disputes.  Children need advocates to speak for them when one or both parents lose sight of what is really important.  Mr. Marker enjoys advocating for the best interest of the children.


Special Master

After a divorce or paternity case settles by agreement or by court adjudication, there may not be an end to the conflict between parents as it relates to the children.  If conflict still arises in regards to parent time, you may want to have the court appoint a special master pursuant to Utah Rules of Civil Procedure 53.  Mr. Marker serves as a special master.  The special master is able to make immediate decisions relating to the conflict between parents in regards to the children.  If a parent disagree with the decision, the parent may still seek redress from the court.  The problem is that with court calendars full, a parent may need to wait more than 30 to 45 days to get a decision that will help them.  Having a special master appointed to make a quick intermediate decisions allows the parties to have help in bring a resolution and potential peace to the perpetual conflict that may arise.

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