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Mr. Marker loves to teach. Since 2010 he has actively taught classes to lawyers and others relating to the law, dispute resolution, the relationship between the humanities and human commerce. Most recently he has started classes related to business and personal development. 


Classes are offered at noon Mountain Time, except Scrivener's Quill which is 10:00 am Mountain Time. 

Conflict Coaching - 1st Tuesday  

Fill Your Lamps - 1st Wednesday 

Scrivener's Quill - 1st Thursday - 10:00 am Mountain

When Life Gives You Lemons - 2nd Tuesday

Start Up Took Box - 3rd Tuesday

A Reader's Book Club - 3rd Wednesday

Strategic Manifestation - 3rd Thursday

Scrivener's Quill

Scrivener's Quill presents continuing education seminars using literature. This series has been active since 2010 when Travis worked with the Southern Utah Bar Association and J. Ruben Clark Law Society in Saint George, Utah. Travis has since presented around the United States and had a lot of fun engaging with lawyers on the subject of literature and the law. Since Covid these sessions have been transferred to the Zoom model. 


Strategic Manifestation 

This Zoom workshop allows parties to focus on ways to help manifest their goals. Mr. Marker has actively helped clients to bring to fruition their plans. This is group is open to the public. Wellness professionals, lawyers, small business owners, single parents, employees, and anyone who may wish to join, engage in stimulating conversations about how they've been successful. 

Workshop in Progress

Conflict Coaching 

Travis offers conflict coaching as a private service to individuals. This class is a workshop in which other mediators, judges, arbitrators, attorneys, small business owners, and interested individuals join in discussions about how they resolve conflict. We share the strategies that have worked to help bring parties together. It helps with setting limits and boundaries in high conflict cases. The sessions are very dynamic and fun!


A Reader's Book Club

Travis is an active reader and loves books!  He has been invited to book clubs were one book is explored. It is often fun, but somewhat limited if you read multiple books in a month. This book club allows the attendees to come and discuss multiple books in one session. The eclectic discussion allows the parties to discuss multiple genres and to connect many different themes and ideas. If you love books, this is your kind of book club. 

"Books" Sign

Start Up Tool Box

This session relates to topics that help attendees work though small business issues. The parties discuss business plans, marketing, social media, clients, billing, setting fees, and other topics that help business succeed. 

Team Meeting

Fill Your Lamps

This class is a reference to the old lamps that need fuel. The point of this session is to help individuals with personal awareness and preparation. Travis helps the attendees with ideas on how to do self analysis and evaluations that help bring to the individual's mind things the person can work on. The workshop then helps with ideas on how to develop those areas of awareness and to help the attendee be successful in addressing that area of awareness. 

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