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Ogden Juvenile Law Attorney


There are two sections of the juvenile court.  The first is child welfare.  This section concerns cases in which a child has been abused, neglected, or left dependent by parents or guardians.  The court has a variety of options that may result in protective services that allow the children to remain in the home, reunification services, and termination of parental rights, potentially adoption.  

These three phases of child welfare are intricate and complicated.  If the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) has contacted you or if you have a case with the juvenile court, you need an attorney.  You want to make sure the right things are happening for your family and children.  You want to avoid the path which might lead to or end with the termination of parental rights.  Call me!

The second concern of the juvenile court is delinquency actions.  There are very similar to criminal matters of adults in the district court.  Just as you would want an attorney in the district court as an adult, you will want an attorney for your child who also has constitutional rights that need to be protected.  If your child has engaged in activities that are of a misdemeanor or felony nature, call me!  Your child need protection.


Mr. Marker has actively worked in the juvenile court for over ten years including the courts in Beaver, Box Elder, Davis, Roosevelt, Uintah, Washington, and Weber Counties.  He had public defender contracts in Brigham City, Saint George, Beaver, Ogden, and other courts.

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