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Business Plans


Have you ever thought of starting a business?  Most people have!  It's exciting!  It's fun!  What if? 


The reality is that many individuals are concerned about the leap.  They are not comfortable with the risk.  It's easier to have a regular job with consistent pay.  This is very understandable!


In contrast to the individual concerned about going out on an idea there is the individual who has thousands of great ideas, jumps too soon, invests all their funds or takes out loans and then the idea flops.  Not discouraged the individual continues and continues with similar failures.


The difference in this spectrum between fear to start and starting recklessly is the plan.  Marker Law & Mediation helps individuals create effective plans with a realistic perspective on expectations and resources.  We want individuals to succeed.

We would argue that there are potentially very few bad business ideas.  The lack of planning makes all the difference.  Come see us!  We love to explore, brainstorm, create and work with individuals and businesses to help make them financially viable and productive entities.

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