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Travis R. Marker

Marker Law Mediation

PO Box 13444

Ogden, Utah, 84412

385-626-1940 - Paralegal
385-238-8437 - Receptionist
385-326-6985 - Spanish Connection

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"Travis has been wonderful to work with. He is very straightforward and to the point. He is very personable and easy to work with. He has helped us navigate the difficulty of custody arrangements and helped us know how to handle things. He doesn't beat around the bush and just tell you what you want to hear which honestly saves a lot of money and heartache in the long run. He is also quite financially reasonable. I would most definitely recommend him." - Google User

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"Top notch attorney. Very good to work with. One of the smartest attorneys I have worked with. Easy to recommend." - Google User

"Travis has been a real support and blessing in my business as well as in some of the court cases I have been involved in! I have always been able to count on him and received better outcomes then expected! You most certainly can expect great things with Travis and most importantly you can Trust him!" - Google User

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