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"Travis is more than just a lawyer. He cares about families and doing what’s best and right. I met with him during a hard time in my marriage and his council was sincere, honest, and heartfelt." - Google User

"Travis Is not only an attorney I would recommend, but he listens and is honest. He has helped a family member through some difficult times and is still willing to help in any way he can. He is a patient man and will do all in his power to fight for what is right and best. His paralegal also has been a help as well, even willing to go to the client when needed. Yes, no one is perfect, but we all try to do our best, even Travis. Thank you Travis." - Google User



When you don't want the full package and commitment to finding your answers, but you want to know that you can call someone who will help you find the right path, strategic coaching provides that solution. Mr. Marker provides professional and sound advice on which you can rely.

The benefit to conflict coaching over other services that Mr. Marker provides, is that the cost is lower. Mr. Marker provides this service as a reduced rate because he knows it is important for people to be able to afford peace of mind. ​

With twenty years of experience in the law and mediation, Mr. Marker brings to the decision making process insight from cases, the law, and the dispute resolution process that provide you valuable insight for how to resolve or plan for the things that matter most in your life. ​

Travis Marker has worked with companies, families, couples, youth, churches, nonprofits, schools and others on how to plan for better things or how to resolve difficult decisions.


With couples, Mr. Marker prides himself on not just helping parties reach amicable divorces. He has actually saved some marriages as the parties met to get through their communication and other issues that have made the option to stay married seem impossible.

Entrepreneurs don't always have heaps of start up money for legal advice, but it is the one thing that might make all the difference. If you are starting a business, or have business issues, Mr. Marker is able and willing to work with you on the best approach to how to succeed. 

One reason that this service can be offered at a reduced price is that it comes with an understanding by both parties that it's just a conversation. Mr. Marker isn't preparing to go to "war" on anything. The party understands that Mr. Marker is having a conversation to help them get back on track or to plan for something valuable. There is no limit to these conversations, so why not pay for direction that keeps you on the right track.

"Travis was a huge help to us in our situation where we had made some terrible choices and needed help keeping our family together. He was a great asset and mediator in our case and fought for what was best for everyone involved. I would highly recommend Marker Law and Mediation!." - Google User

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