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Utah Mediator


Marker, as a mediator, works to bring collaborative relations to the practice of law and dispute resolution.  


Mediation is the process in which a neutral third party helps individuals, business, or groups to negotiate when direct communication between the initial sides breaks down. Mr. Marker has an advanced law degree or Masters of Law (LLM) in dispute resolution.  


Dispute resolution as a category involves all the different processes for ending conflicts and disputes: negotiation, mediation, arbitration, litigation are the top four and most recognized.  Mediation is a core component of Mr. Marker's law practice.  He also he serves as a mediator in numerous cases.


If you have a dispute or conflict which you are unable to resolve and don't want to go directly to litigation, mediation is a forum for the resolution of your dispute that you should explore.  It is cost effective and less time consuming then more adversarial means of conflict resolution. It also works for any form of dispute: neighbor to neighbor, domestic, visitation or parenting time, divorce, real-estate, commercial, contracts, business, etc.


Mr. Marker is a mediator in Ogden, Logan, Brigham City, Salt Lake; Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties.  He will mediate throughout Utah. Call for a free consultation!

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"Great mediator. Helped resolve our dispute when I thought the other party would not agree to anything. Would definitely recommend to anyone in need of a resolution." - Review from customer on Square, November,2016

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