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Merchant Accounts


Businesses use merchant accounts to process funds for their customer transactions.  There are many providers of merchant accounts.  The interest rates vary based upon the risk associated with the nature of the products being sold and the customers buying the goods.

Marker Law Mediation provides a unique service to its clients.  It has clients who need help with their customer relations or the collection of funds.  Marker provides merchant account resources for its clients to help manage risk and to facilitate business transactions.

If you have a business that has high interest processing, problems with charge-backs, issues with customer service, contact Marker Law Mediation.  We can potentially lower your interests rates, reduce your charge-backs, and work to help your customers have a high quality experience.

We do not guarantee we will accept all businesses.  We review each business model for quality, legality, and risk.  The following are businesses that have issues with high risk and merchant accounts:

Adult Merchant Accounts, Airlines and Jet Charters, Bad Credit, Bail Bonds, CBD, Cigars and Pipes, Kratom, Cigars, Pipes, Tobaccos, Collection Agency, Credit Repair, Debt Consolidation, Diet Programs, Educational Seminars, Electronic Cigarette, Electronics, Furniture, Gaming, High Ticket, High Volume, Moving Companies and Transportation, Multi-Level Marketing and Bizops, Nutraceutical, Online Firearm Sales, Prepaid Calling Cards, Software and E-Books, Sports Betting Advice, TMF Merchants, Tech Support, Travel & Timeshares, VOIP & Telecom.

Contact us today to have us review your company for merchant account services.