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Family History Attorney


It may sound like an interesting area of law, and it is!  You also may wonder what a family history lawyer does.

This is a good questions.  It comes up in a variety of ways.  Here are a few of the primary services that we can provide:

1. We can help with the basics of teaching individuals how to do family history.  You can go to many free resources, particularly in Utah, but sometimes it is also nice to have some one on one help learning how to get involved in family history.

2. Requesting documents or accessing records is not always easy for individuals.  We help individuals learn what documents or records they might need to help establish family history information by obtaining property records, census data, birth certificates, criminal records, and other government records or data.

3. We help individuals with life planning documents like wills and trusts and also help individuals interpret family planning documents.  It is possible to learn a great deal about families based upon the documents that they put together to help resolve and plan life issues.

4. We help with searches.  This may seem simple with the internet, but it can take some time to explore the internet, agencies, cities, states, libraries, cemeteries to find information that helps resolve family history puzzles.  We even travel to some of these places to do the footwork for our clients that they may not have the time or ability to put into their family history quests.


We love family history.  If you are lost, stumped, never started, or are just interested, give us a call.  We will help you find you family.  It is an amazing area of law to work in!