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Bankruptcy/Credit Repair/Debt Relief


Our business and personal lives revolve in a tremendous way around our debt and credit.  We know this at Marker Law Mediation.  From the desire for a credit line for a new idea or the money for a car or house, the credit we qualify for is tremendously impacted by our credit reports and our current debt.

Credit Repair

There are ways to improve our ability to participate in the market.  The first is to make sure our credit report accurately reflects our credit history.  Travis Marker can help make sure you creditors and the credit reporting agencies follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  If the creditors or the reporting agencies are not compliant with the Act, you may be entitled to financial damages.  Mr. Marker, consistent with Credit Repair Organization Act, can help you correct your report which may increase you scores to help you qualify for needed credit.  He can also help you potentially recover for the damages you have suffered for the incorrect material on your reports.

Debt Relief

The are other strategies to improve your credit.  Sometimes the best plan is to decrease your debt and financial obligations.  Marker Law Mediation can work with you to evaluate which debts are negotiable.  Mr. Marker can work with creditors to help resolve debt in settlement plans or charge-offs.  These actions may negatively impact your credit initially, but you can work out an overall plan that helps you recover your score in the long run.



Finally, there is the chance that your best option may be to file bankruptcy.  Marker Law Mediation can help you decide whether it would be best to file a chapter 7, which allows for a total liquidation of your debts, or a chapter 13, which provides for payment of a portion of your debts over time.  The choice to file bankruptcy is difficult.  Mr. Marker can help you make the best decision.