Preserving Families through Mediation,
Reconciliation and the Law

After nearly ten years in the field of family law and fifteen years of mediation I have grown
frustrated with the perpetual cycle.  On a regular basis I represented husbands or wives in their
efforts to dissolve their marriages.  On rare occasions, because they come up rarely, I was asked to
mediate with a couple that wanted to stay married.  In these rare cases when both partners to the
marriage came to me to help resolve their marriages, it worked!  I celebrated the fact that the
couple had survived the potential snare of believing ending their relationship would actually make
life better.

I will clarify that there are cases in which divorce is unfortunately healthy for all parties involved,
but in the vast majority of the cases I have worked with, which probably are in the hundreds, I am
positive that the regular outcome was an enhanced status of instability, frustration, and perpetual
conflict, which only increased, in some cases, when a new spouse or partner entered the picture.

This lead me to ask, "Why don't I help couples stay together?  Why don't I help families make it
work?"  I realized that one person, would pay me thousands of dollars to end the marriage.  Why
wasn't it likewise true that couples might pay thousands of dollars to fight for their marriage?  I
will also end that thought with collaborative couples fighting for their marriage won't have to pay
thousands of dollars.  They will learn how to approach conflict, reach agreements, set goals, and
become effective partners in dispute resolution and a successful marriage.

So, I am inviting you NOT to get divorced.  Call me!  I will work hard for your marriage.   You
loved the person you married.  You may wonder if that person still exists.  You may doubt that
they can ever change.  You may not care, but I'm telling you from experience that your life will
not be generally better by ending this relationship.  I believe in marriage and believe individuals
can work for the preservation of the institution of marriage.

I will willingly mediate the following issues for couples, even those who are divorced, already or
who have not married but have children together:

Couple issues, i.e. staying married, preserving the relationship, affairs/adultery, etc.
Parent-time/Visitation Issues
Custody Disputes
Financial/Budget disputes
Step-Parent/Step-family issues
Parenting Agreements, i.e. helping parents agree on parenting approaches
Parent/Child conflicts, i.e. conflicts between parents and children
Probate Disputes
Extended Family Disputes

Additionally, I will consult and mediate as a mentor.  I believe some parents don't understand how
to personally engage in conflict, parenting, marriage, or partner relations.  I can help that individual
learn to mediate family conflicts, negotiate with children or a spouse or partner.  I want to help
you make it work!

Call me (Utah)(801) 529-6816; (Georgia)(470) 535-9029; or
email me: travis@markerlawmediation.com  I will help you preserve your family.  I want to!
Utah:  801.529.6816        Georgia:  470.535.9029        travis@markerlawmediation.com